My Dream Roster

First of all I’d like to explain the domain name for this blog. Contrary to popular belief, pro wrestling is NOT fake. It’s scripted, yes, meaning the outcome is pre-determined as are many of the events in the match, known as ‘spots’. What’s not fake, though, is the action in the ring which is incredibly physcial, atheletic and dangerous, even when measures are taken to carry out the match safely.

    Now that that’s cleared up, I am going to outline a dream roster of wrestlers from the main wrestling organisations I watch. These organisations being: WWE, TNA, ROH and PWG. The former three are the three biggest wrestling companies in North America, while PWG is one of the most well-known in Southern California and has a huge cult status.

So, in order of the companies listed above, here we go:

  • CM Punk (WWE) – CM Punk has always been a great wrestler, since his early days working on the independants, to his current main event status in WWE. He is superior to most in the ring as well as on the mic.
  • Cody Rhodes (WWE) – Coming into his own in 2011 with his WrestleMania match against Rey Mysterio and his mask gimmick, Rhodes is a really solid worker that is often given time to have good matches on WWE TV. He is one of the bright young stars that WWE have.
  • Daniel Bryan (WWE) – Now that WWE are giving Daniel Bryan a chance, the whole world is seeing what fans of Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla saw years ago- an incredible wrestler who puts on amazing matches on a regular basis, even in WWE circumstances.
  • Dolph Ziggler (WWE) – Dolph Ziggler is another guy that’s currently in WWE’s young standout group. Thanks to a U.S Title run and even a dip in the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship pools, along with great matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler really deserves to be the ‘show off’ his gimmick outlines.
  • John Cena (WWE) – While most will scoff at the idea of John Cena being on my Dream Roster, his charisma and commitment is unquestionable. His in-ring work may not be the best, but his matches with top stars prove he is able to put on good matches when required.
  • Randy Orton (WWE) – Randy Orton is alongside John Cena standing at the very top of the WWE hierachy, and deservedly so. His promos are always top notch, as his his in-ring work. Randy will be at the top of the company for a long time to come.
  • The Rock (WWE) – The Rock’s control of he crowd is second to none. Since his recent return to WWE, he has proven he is still the best on the mic, and even still has ‘it’ in the ring.
  • The Undertaker (WWE) – Despite his age, Taker can still put on phenomenal matches. For example, most of his WrestleMania matches. The Undertaker is a true legend of professional wrestling.
  • AJ Styles (TNA) – The long-time poster boy of TNA, AJ Styles is truly phenomenal. That’s all that needs to be said.
  • Alex Shelley (TNA) – One half of the Motor City Machine Guns, part of TNA’s great tag division, Shelley is a great high flyer as well as being an awesome mat wrestler to boot.
  • Booby Roode (TNA) – As part of Beer Money, Bobby Roode was great. Since breaking out as a singles wrestler and taking on a heel persona, Bobby Roode as evolved into an excellent wrestler.
  • Chris Sabin (TNA) – The other half of the MCMG, Sabin is just as good as Shelley. Together they are unbelievable.
  • Christopher Daniels (TNA) – A veteran of the business, Daniels can still go in the ring without a doubt. He may not be used perfectly by TNA (who is?) but he still has extremely good in-ring work and chemistry with the likes of AJ Styles.
  • Kurt Angle (TNA) – Kurt Angle is a machine. As if you didn’t know.
  • Samoa Joe (TNA) – One of the best athletic big men out there today, Joe has constantly impressed with his vast array of moves for being a bigger man.
  • Davey Richards (ROH, PWG) – Davey Richards is one of the most intense competitors in professional wrestling. His work is truly amazing, and when he’s in an ROH ring, he gives his all.
  • Eddie Edwards (ROH, PWG) – Davey’s former tag-team partner, Eddie is just as good as his partner, proving so in a number of spectacular matches both teaming with against Davey over the last few years.
  • El Generico (ROH, PWG) – El Generico’s unique moveset and look make him incredibly surprising. He may not look like much, but Generico is spellbinding in the ring.
  • The Briscoes (ROH, PWG) – Dem Boys, as they’re known, are the men in Ring Of Honor. Their promos are just amazing and their in-ring work is as hard-hitting as can get.
  • Kevin Steen (ROH, PWG) – Kevin was involved in one of the most interesting storylines of the past year or two with his feud with El Generico and subsequent suspension from ROH. He is also a big man that constantly impresses with his athleticism.
  • The Young Bucks (ROH, PWG) – This high-flying team proved their worth as a team while in TNA, but since leaving they still continue to wow the independant crowds with their great chemistry and double team moves.
  • Colt Cabana (PWG) – Colt’s unique brand of wrestling and comedy make him very fun to watch. He can even be serious at times, too!
  • Chris Hero (PWG) – Hero may soon be off to join former Kings Of Wrestling tag partner Claudio Castignoli in FCW (WWE’s developmental territory) but for now Hero continues to tear it up in his matches using his awesome repertoire of kicks and elbows.
  • Super Dragon (PWG) – Super Dragon is a PWG legend. Watch this man.

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