Review: ‘RTV’s World of Wrestling’



For my university module ‘Writing The Message Online’ I had to review a blog for one of my assignments. Below is my review of a fellow wrestling blog, ‘RTV’s World of Wrestling’.

The blog I started up for this module is based around professional wrestling, so I decided it would be best for me to review a fellow wrestling blog. Using WordPress’ search function I came across a blog named ‘RTV’s World of Wrestling’ at and thus set upon reviewing this blog.

The first thing I noticed about RTV’s blog is the layout. Everything seems squashed and a bit all over the place at the same time. While this isn’t a terrible thing in itself, the tiled photo of the WWE Championship plastered all over the blog reduces the overall appearance of the blog to one of tackiness. A simple background image or colour would have made it look a little more professional. To me, the look of a blog is key in attracting the readers on the first instance, and this tiled background reduced the overall aesthetics of the blog initially.

Once you get past the appearance of the blog though, you’re left with a lot of content to sink your teeth into, with a lot of variation between posts. There are predictions, reviews and features for the reader to obtain their wrestling fix from. These posts would count for nothing if the content of them wasn’t of good quality, and luckily for the reader (and any pro wrestling fans) RTV seems to know what he’s talking about with a very detailed analytical look at John Cena vs The Rock at WrestleMania 28 greeting you to RTV’s World of Wrestling at the time of writing. It’s in this feature that you see how much RTV knows about the wrestling business, correctly identifying the types of audience that John Cena and The Rock respectively pander to and also how WWE designed promotional videos for the two that come from a specific angle (videos that have been embedded in the article itself; something I did on my own blog regarding the same two videos.)

Elsewhere on the blog there isn’t much in the way of audio, video or hyperlinks, something I think are crucial to a blog. Readers would much rather have the video embedded in the post than having to go and search for it on the internet themselves. The same goes with hyperlinks, even if you are just linking (plugging) your past articles.

The thing that RTV does extremely well is the quality of his posts. While they may just be huge clumps of text, reading them I knew that RTV knew a lot about wrestling and is a huge fan, just like me- and this is the key to any good piece of writing. If you enjoy writing about something, you can usually tell, and I certainly can when reading ‘RTV’s World of Wrestling.’


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