Monday Night Musical

Last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW steered away from the more standard elements of professional wrestling and instead bookended the show with two music-inspired segments from WrestleMania 28 opponents John Cena and The Rock.

The show began with John Cena, reverting back to his old school “Doctor of Thuganomics” gimmick for one night only- he even rocked the lock and chain and everything. This throwback was immensely satisfying for an old Cena fan like myself. Seeing Cena all dressed up in his oversized jersey, flat peak cap and lock and chain necklace, with an equally bad-ass attitude to match was a real nostalgia-filled treat and it had me smiling from the moment his old theme song hit. His rap may not have been up there with my personal favourite rap battle piece with Kurt Angle, but it was still relatively funny and the crowd enjoyed it. See the video on the new-look here.

The show was then rounded off by “The Great One” The Rock performing a ‘concert’. While John Cena’s opening segment was edgy and serious, The Rock’s concert had a much lighter feel to it, with “The People’s Champion” smiling and laughing along with the crowd throughout. The concert definitely got the better reaction from the crowd, and was the better piece of the two on the whole with only a slight slip-up by The Rock at the end of the segment marring this otherwise brilliant singalong. Again, see the video on here.

The verbal exchange between these two is heating up, despite no insults being exchanged face-to-face. The WrestleMania 28 match between these two huge superstars is looking to be a great match, if the action in the ring replicates what we’ve seen on the mic over the past few weeks.



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