WWE’s Avengers. Assemble?

Marvel’s superhero blockbuster The Avengers explodes into UK cinemas on Thursday 26th April, and with the hype surrounding this ultra comic book romp at an all time high (that is, at least, until the film releases) it got me thinking… If WWE were to assemble a super team of super heroes, who would be in it and why? Below are my choices, which I’ve tried to choose to reflect the roles each hero has within The Avengers, but please comment or tweet me with your own suggestions!

The Avengers promotion is in full swing.

Iron Man/Dolph Ziggler

Iron Man is a cocky, egotistical, self-centred genius ‘playboy philanthropist’. It only seems right, therefore, to name Dolph Ziggler as WWE’s very own Iron Man. The Show Off Dolph Ziggler almost seems to be made for Iron Man’s description. Cocky? Check. Egotistical? Check. Self-centred? Check. What Ziggler does well though is show off his amazing skillset whilst being all of the above, much like Tony Stark in Iron Man.

Captain America/Jack Swagger

Cap is very much the embodiment of America. He is strong, willing and patriotic, and those three qualities in the WWE world belong to a certain ‘Two Time Two Time All American American’, Jack Swagger. Swagger’s sheer strength and power enable him to run roughshot over most of the WWE’s fiercest competitors, and he does it all while wearing his American pride on his sleeve.

Thor/The Undertaker

The Asgardian god Thor is blessed with, well, god-like powers. He is extremely tough and mighty, and armed with his trusty hammer Mjolnir, Thor is very much an unstoppable force. Ringing any bells? That’s right, The Undertaker isn’t a god, but he does posses some pretty awesome powers. The aura and presence that comes with the legendary phenom is much like the aura that surrounds the luscious blonde locks of Thor in The Avengers.

The Hulk/Chris Jericho

Bruce Banner is somewhat of a genius and a specialist, much like Chris Jericho is within the walls of WWE. Where this choice gets interesting though, is when Bruce Banner gets angry… HULK SMASH. Bruce Banner’s alter ego, The Hulk is a gigantic green mess of rage, anger and frustration, something Chris Jericho has been representing over the past few months since his return to the WWE, which is why I have chosen Chris Jericho over, say, the hulking mass of humanity that is Mark Henry. Pun fully intended.

Hawkeye/Rey Mysterio

Hawkeye, as described by The Avenger’s official site, prefers not to use ‘firearms’ but show off his ‘skills’ using a ‘precise’ bow. Switch firearms to strength and you surely reach the conclusion of the lucha libre sensation, Rey Mysterio. Forever referred to as an underdog in the WWE, Mysterio doesn’t rely on strength (Hawkeye’s ‘firearms’ if you will) but relies on his lighting quick speed and pinpoint precision to get the victory over his opponents.

Black Widow/Layla

Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a The Black Widow is a deadly combination of brains and beauty. Black Widow is known for her incredible martial arts moves and her astounding beauty. It’s for these reasons that I decided to cast Layla as WWE’s Black Widow. Layla, despite currently being out of action, has the same deadly combination of brains and beauty that Black Widow possesses and she can prove lethal against any WWE Diva.

Loki/Wade Barrett

Loki is a cool, methodical, dastardly super villain. Loki proves a tough opponent for The Avengers, thanks to his methodical approach to being as evil as can be, and thwarting The Avengers at every turn. Wade Barrett, meanwhile, even looks like a super villian. His slicked back hair and devilish smirk provide a startling resemblance to Tom Hiddlestone’s Loki, and his actions are not dissimilar either.

Like I said, comment below or tweet me (@DeadmanDRB) with your suggestions as to who you think should make up The WWE Avengers.


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