Ring Of Hero (ROH) DVD review

ROH stands for one thing in the wrestling world- Ring Of Honor. But in a recent DVD release, the Ring Of Honor marketing department have clearly spotted a neat DVD title and released Ring Of Hero, a two disc anthology of ‘That Young Knockout Kid’ Chris Hero’s best matches in the company.

ROH have recently released anthology/compliation DVDs for a few major players in ROH since the company’s inception. Stars such as Kenta, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson (currently applying his trade in the WWE as Daniel Bryan), Kevin Steen and El Generico have all recently had DVD sets released, but this was the first chance I got to watch one.

DVD sets like this are always good to look back upon those classic matches, great moments and to see the evolution of the spotlighted wrestler. In Hero’s case, the thing that stood out for me is his attire. Hero’s attire ranged from the utterly ridiculous in the mid 2000’s to the surprisingly sleek in the late 2000’s. Aside from the attire, you get a really good feel for Hero’s European wrestling style throughout the DVD, as well as his change in attitude throughout his Ring Of Honor years.

Chris Hero sporting some *ahem* ‘out there’ attire during his time in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)

This DVD features brilliant technical clinics such as Hero vs Danielson from both 2006 and 2009 along with brutal brawls such as Hero teaming with Necro Butcher and Super Dragon to take on Samoa Joe, BT Whitmer and Adam Pearce and Hero vs Eddie Kingston. The mix of the matches is great, and you can really see why Chris Hero managed to earn the chant “Chris is awesome!” from fans all around the world.

One thing this DVD is lacking, compared to say, WWE releases of the same nature, is interviews and similar background segments to break up the wrestling and give everything a bit of context and explanation. The wrestling is brilliant on this two-disc set, but the time jumps and angles and storylines could have done with a little more explanation.

Aside from that, the DVD is around 7 hours of great fun wrestling ranging from Hero’s cocky days where during one match he parades round the ring performing work-out exercises to showcase his athleticism, to the more serious days where he ‘concussed with his kicks and KO’d with his elbows’. Do yourself a favour and watch this DVD to familiarise yourself with the stylings of Chris Hero before he eventually gets called up to WWE’s main roster (he’s currently performing in WWE’s developmental system.)


  Chris Hero. All grown up.


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