TNA giving independent wrestlers a shot.

Recently, TNA have had numerous independent wrestling stars wrestling on their live Impact broadcasts in the run-up to their annual Pay-Per-View, Destination X.

Independent stars such as Jigsaw (prominently Chikara), Scorpio Sky (prominently Pro Wrestling Guerrilla) and Kenny King (prominently Ring Of Honor) have all appeared on the show over the past couple of weeks and have really impressed the live crowd in the Impact Zone, and, I’m assuming, Dixie Carter and the rest of the TNA officials.


Above; Jigsaw, Scorpio Sky & Kenny King.

You see, TNA does not have enough X-Division wrestlers within the company at the minute to fill up a full PPV, so bringing in talent from the independent scene is a really good move for both TNA and the wrestlers themselves.

The matches on Impact featuring such wrestlers over the past few weeks have been really good, fast paced encounters. This means the wrestlers get a chance to showcase what they’re best at, while the TNA fans can take in a fresh match with guys they may not be familiar with, which in turn lets the TNA officials see what their fanbase makes of the wrestlers. My personal favourites featured former TNA mainstay Sonjay Dutt vs Jigsaw (given the ring name Rubix in TNA). Watch it here:

What TNA have done with these matches leads into a kind-of-complicated-kind-of-cool concept; having the wrestlers who qualified (won their match) on Impact mix with current TNA X-Division wrestlers such as Doug Williams and Kid Kash on the Destination X PPV in qualifying matches for the Ultimate X match for the X-Division title later at Destination X. I know there are a lot of X’s, but please try and keep up.

Basically, at Destination X we should see a great card of wrestling featuring things you’ve already seen before such as Doug Williams’ European mat-based style and Kid Kash’s brash and brutal approach going against new guys such as Jigsaw (Rubix in TNA) who has a more lucha-based style and Kenny King who can really do it all.

I hope TNA hire a few of these wrestlers, not just the winner of the tournament, as they could really do with bolstering the X-Division and restoring it to it’s former glory. As for the rumour of TNA and CHIKARA partnering in the near-future? Well, we can only hope…


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