CM Punk hits fan on RAW

When CM Punk ran up the stairs and into the crowd to end Monday Night RAW, I assume he expected the usual affair of enamoured fans clamouring to get a touch of the WWE Champion whilst he went about his business finishing off the closing segment of the show. What happened was very unusual and out of the norm:

Watch for yourself: (Embedding disabled on the video.)

As you can see in the video the WWE Champion CM Punk gets shoved forcefully by one fan on two or three occasions (the guy wearing the Brock Lesnar shirt and Punk wrist tapings.) This is obviously very wrong as wrestlers are often very touchy about being slapped or ‘patted’ anyway, so pushing a wrestler is just out of the question.

CM Punk then does something equally as wrong- he swings for one of the fans bothering him and catches him with a backfist and then turns to deliver a follow-up jab to the fan.

Laura Cole, a reporter for CBS 13 spoke to the fan after RAW who said he didn’t hit Punk. He also says Punk broke his glasses.

In the video you can see that while it may not have been intentional, the fan that did get hit (not the guy who pushes Punk numerous times) did stumble into Punk and nudge him with his elbow right before he got clocked. Neither looked intentional to me and may have been a result of fans getting a little out of hand behind and pushing and shoving their way forward.

Punk may have been irate and annoyed at the fans, who were definitely in the wrong, but hitting them only serves to make the situation worse. The fan is reportedly filing charges and this will no likely be a PR nightmare for the WWE over the next week or so.


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