Did WWE go too far with the Jerry Lawler/heart attack angle?

This week on RAW, Jerry Lawler returned to a huge reaction after being away for over a month after suffering a heart attack live on-air. At the time of the attack, WWE didn’t want to show anything that had Lawler in it from that episode of RAW because Jerry Lawler almost died. In fact, he did die. Clinically. For 15 minutes.

When Lawler’s return to RAW was announced I expected there to be an angle made of it and what d’ya know, it happened. After a hard-hitting video package of the incident aired (which included Jerry Lawler snoring on-air just after suffering the attack, and doctor’s pumping Lawler’s chest in the back), his music hit and he came out to a reaction that gave me goosebumps. To see a guy back from the dead, quite literally, in such good health was a brilliant, heart-warming (forgive the pun) sight.

Then CM Punk came out… Being a heel WWE were obviously trying to get Punk more heat with the fans interrupting Jerry’s ‘homecoming’. But it didn’t end there. WWE had Paul Heyman (CM Punk’s voice and manager) fake a heart attack, right in front of Jerry Lawler who almost died from a real one.

For most it was tasteless and disrespectful of the WWE, but I thought it fitted in perfectly with Punk’s heel persona, and will only serve to make Punk a better heel in the long run. In fact, I had less of a problem with this than I did when Bobby Roode interrupted the injured and  almost-retired Chris Sabin on Impact Wrestling not long ago.

But what do you think? did WWE go too far with the angle, or was it just another part of the wrestling business? Tweet me: @DeadmanDRB


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