WrestleMania 29: Three more matches confirmed

Once again RAW this week was a big one in terms of repercussions for WrestleMania 29 on April 7.

Three matches were confirmed this week, taking the total tally so far to six matches on the card.

Image credit: WWE.com

Image credit: WWE.com

The biggest match to be added to the already big card for WrestleMania is this: Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. But this isn’t your ordinary match; it’s a No Holds Barred match, which means both of these brawling behemoths will inflict an immense amount of pain upon each other in what’s sure to be a hard-hitting match in New Jersey. But that’s not all. Thanks to the dastardly, scheming Paul Heyman, if Brock Lesnar wins Triple H must retire. Will we see The Game retiring on the Grandest Stage Of Them All, or will Triple H get revenge on Brock Lesnar?

Image credit: WWE.com

Image credit: WWE.com

This one came as a surprise to me. I was expecting Ziggler to have a classic singles match at WrestleMania, possibly against Chris Jericho, but this one came about after Daniel Bryan challenged the pair of Ziggler and Big E Langston to a match on RAW. Langston is the wild card in this one, having not actually wrestled on either RAW or SmackDown. He is, however, the current NXT Champion, which proves something. Kane and Daniel Bryan haven’t done much as a team over the last few weeks, so I expect to see new Tag Team Champions come April 7.

Image credit: WWE.com

Image credit: WWE.com

After weeks of teasing on WWE TV, this match has finally been made official. Ryback vs Mark Henry is truly a clash of the titans match-up and should provide the fans with some impressive displays of strength at WrestleMania. This of course has effects to a match that was set-up last week too. Ryback was set to team with Sheamus and Randy Orton to take on the group of The Shield but now it seems that Big Show may step up to take Ryback’s place, despite Sheamus and Orton’s reservations.

Elsewhere, there are rumblings of a possible Fandango debut at WrestleMania, against Y2J himself Chris Jericho. With Fandango costantly putting his debut off week after week, WrestleMania would surely fit with the glitz and glamour of his ballroom dancer gimmick. Whether or not Jericho will pronounce his name correctly or not is another matter. Personally, I have a reservation or two about this, despite knowing Jericho and Fandango have the capability to put on a good match. This one should develop over the coming weeks.

WrestleMania 29 is just 19 days away.




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