Money In The Bank predictions

WWE’s annual ladder match turned Pay-Per-View returns for the third year in a row tonight and there are two big title matches, two big Money In The Bank ladder matches and the return to the WWE of Rob Van Dam lined up for the fans.

Image: WWE

The show will begin with the pre-show at 7.30 ET/4.30 PT/12.30 UK with Rollins & Reigns defending their Tag Team Championships against The Usos. The Usos haven’t done too much since debuting a number of years ago despite being a good team. This is largely in part to WWE’s lack of focus on the tag division and no fault of twins Jimmy and Jey. That being said, I see Rollins & Reigns retaining tonight and continuing their strong run in the WWE.

Winner: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Image: WWE

Chris Jericho vs Ryback. Here I see Chris Jericho being the good company guy he has been for a number of years and putting Ryback over. This match holds little importance in the minds of WWE fans but the WWE will be hoping to re-establish Ryback after a long losing streak on PPV. Expect Ryback to win whilst Jericho’s position remains unchanged.

Winner: Ryback

Image: WWE

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship. This feud has been extremely entertaining and the best thing in the Divas division for a number of years. The feud is real, entertaining and full of anger and hatred between the two former best friends and Chickbusters. Kaitlyn could still do with some improvement but AJ Lee seems accomplished in the ring and I envision her holding onto the title tonight.

Winner: AJ Lee

Image: WWE

The Miz vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship. After winning the IC Title from The Miz, Axel hasn’t really done much after debuting strongly. While I think The Miz is a good mid-card talent, I don’t see him regaining the title so quickly, especially with WWE looking to build Axel.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Image: WWE

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler and Del Rio have both switched roles recently, with Del Rio turning heel while Ziggler has become a face. The fans are now firmly behind Ziggler and with Del Rio missing Ricardo Rodriguez after the announced was suspended recently for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy, I expect Del Rio to win in heel-like fashion. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a little bit of tension and separation between Dolph Ziggler and girlfriend AJ, so don’t be too surprised if AJ turns on Ziggler and officially breaks up the relationship whilst also costing Dolph the title.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Image: WWE

John Cena vs Mark Henry for the WWE Championship. This match came about after Henry’s genius retirement ruse which surprised both John Cena and the entire WWE fanbase. Henry delivered a fantastic, believable promo which made the attack on Cena at the end of it even more shocking. Henry has been a huge player in the WWE since 2011 but I expect John Cena to retain and hold the WWE Championship further into the Summer months.

Winner: John Cena

Image: WWE

World Heavyweight Championship contract Money In The Bank Match (Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Dean Ambrose vs Fandango vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro.) Here’s where the PPV gets interesting and the reason most fans will be turning in tonight; the Money In The Bank ladder matches. This particular match features seven young WWE stars, who are, incidentally, all heels. Really, this match could go any one of seven ways, but I see a number of favourites; Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett.

Dean Ambrose is the current United States Champion and the highly regarded member of The Shield. Ambrose is a huge talent and for him to win the briefcase would be another notch in the belt of the dominant Shield.

Wade Barrett has been relatively decent since returning from injury a number of months ago, and he has everything the WWE look for in a World Champion.

Speaking of everything the WWE look for, Antonio Cesaro is another favourite of mine. Cesaro is an absolute machine, and while he hasn’t done much since siding with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, I could see Cesaro winning the briefcase and costing stable-mate Swagger in the process, leading to a feud between two extremely talented guys for the World Heavyweight Championship over the Summer.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Image: WWE

WWE Championship contract Money In The Bank match (Randy Orton vs RVD vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs Sheamus vs Christian.) This match is billed as the “Money In The Bank All Stars” and rightly so. All six competitors are former world champions and all have a legitimate shot at winning. Having said that, my favourites for this match are Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and RVD.

Daniel Bryan has been the hottest guy in the company for a number of months now, having some outstanding matches with the likes of Randy Orton and Sheamus and getting huge reactions every time he emerges from the curtain and I expect Bryan to win the briefcase and take on John Cena throughout the Summer.

CM Punk is the Best in the World and if he was to grab the briefcase it would be for a record third time. While Punk could win the briefcase, he doesn’t really need it considering his superstar status already.

RVD is a wildcard in the match, having been absent from WWE since 2007 and wrestling for TNA since. In front of a Philadelphia crowd, Rob Van Dam is going to be cheered like a hometown hero after growing up with ECW in Philly. If RVD was to win it’d be a huge shock to most people, but who knows.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

There’s my predictions for the show tonight. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@DeadmanDRB) who you think will win. Enjoy the show.


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