WWE Live in Nottingham review

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. #wwenottingham

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WWE returned to Nottingham on the 13th November and put on a great show in front of a 9,000 strong crowd.

The card opened with The Prime Time Players facing off against Hunico and Camacho, who surprised most people that they were even there. PTP got a good reaction to start the night and the match was good enough fun to get the ball rolling.

Ryback then beat Justin Gabriel in what was NOT a squash match. Gabriel got in some good high-flying offence while Ryback countered with some power moves and in the end Ryback got the win with Shell Shocked. Ryback got some good heat, especially after ripping up a sign and then squaring up to a WWE VIP ticket holder on his way to the ring.

Next, the Divas were in action as AJ Lee faced Brie Bella in a non-title match. The crowd were fairly quiet for this one but most were shocked when Brie got the victory.

The Great Khali beat Heath Slater in a squash match which was no fun for anybody.

Bray Wyatt drags his rocking chair to the ring. #wwenottingham

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Paul Heyman then made his way to the ring with clients Ryback and Curtis Axel in tow. Heyman cut a promo on how both CM Punk and the WWE Universe were responsible for Heyman’s injuries. Cue Punk, who got a huge reaction from the fans, cutting a promo on how Ryback and Axel should walk away and let Punk beat Heyman with a kendo stick. They did, surprisingly, and left Punk to do the beating. Then the famous, eerie music hit and The Wyatts had arrived. Being in an arena when that chilling theme song hits and everything goes dark is quite an experience and had me chilled. The Wyatts cornered Punk and began attacking him until Daniel Bryan rushed to the ring to a massive cheer from the crowd. Bryan and Punk then faced Harper and Rowan in the best match of the night that had the crowd engrossed from start to finish.

CM Punk #wwenottingham

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The Usos beat Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre in a match that the crowd really weren’t that in to despite the Usos’ popularity. I think people were still making their way back from intermission at this point.

R-Truth then shocked the crowd into life, rapping and dancing his way to the ring to face Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship. This was probably the third best match of the night with R-Truth getting the crowd going and Axel even throwing in a few mocking dance moves of his own.

Curtis Axel #wwenottingham

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Main Event: Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio drew heat from the crowd and had fun while doing so too. He taunted some crowd members, got one woman to rub his back and even jumped five rows deep at one point to escape Cena’s grasp. Cena got the biggest reaction of the night with everyone clamouring to see him and the two put on a good back and forth match with Cena picking up the victory.

John Cena #wwenottingham

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Overall, a solid card with some really good matches. The wrestlers did seem a little rushed in getting to the back after their matches though. Usually they would spend a little more time high-fiving everyone or signing programs/t-shirts. Nevertheless, an enjoyable night yet again from WWE.

WWE return to the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham on Saturday 17th May.


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