Daniel Bryan breaks away from The Wyatt Family as RAW gets interesting

Image credit: WWE.com

Daniel Bryan has broken away from The Wyatt Family after just two weeks with the group.

Inside the steel cage last night on RAW Daniel Bryan and his then-master Bray Wyatt faced off against The Usos. The Usos picked up the win after Bryan accidentally crotched Bray on the top rope.

Things then got interesting. Bray whispered in the ear of Bryan to set up a Sister Abigail (Bray Wyatt’s finisher) but Bryan pushed him away and proceeded to beat down the leader of the Wyatt Family.

The crowd reaction to this turn, even after an extremely short time, was epic. The crowd screamed for Bryan, chanting “YES” as he kicked Bray Wyatt repeatedly and ripped off his Wyatt attire to reveal the traditional red Bryan attire.

Bryan then set up Bray for his running knee, which was where a classic RAW moment occured. Bryan led the crowd in a slow “YES” chant, and sent the crowd into a frenzy when he sealed the deal and struck Bray with a running knee.

I was angered by WWE’s decision to align Bryan with The Wyatts at first, as WWE seemingly killed all momentum Bryan had left after his WWE Title victory last year at SummerSlam. However, it seems like WWE have now either seen the light, or this was part of their master plan all along. Bryan seems as over as he ever was, and this RAW ending seemingly propels him on to the Royal Rumble, where winning it would set him up for a WWE World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania.

Vince McMahon has either seen the error of his ways, or he is the genius we all know he is…


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