TNA Genesis: Are The American Wolves set to debut?

President of TNA Wrestling, Dixie Carter, has revealed a hint as to new talents set to debut tonight at Genesis.

The tweet, seen above, simply shows the initials “DR” and “EE”.

“DR” are the initials of Davey Richards, one half of independent tag team The American Wolves. The initials “EE” belong to his tag team partner Eddie Edwards.

All signs point to The American Wolves debuting on TNA Genesis tonight after the WWE reportedly turned them down following a trial match on NXT.

Of course, this situation is nothing new. Desmond Wolfe (a.k.a Nigel McGuinness) debuted in TNA shortly after being refused a WWE contract back in 2009.

I will be very happy to see The American Wolves in TNA as they are a stellar tag team who deserve a big spotlight. Obviously, their trial in WWE did not go to plan but TNA made WWE look silly when they ran a feud between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle right off the bat which took TNA by storm with excellent wrestling matches for a number of weeks. I wonder if TNA have anything similar planned for Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.


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