CM Punk leaves WWE

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WWE superstar CM Punk has left WWE, following a meeting with WWE officials at RAW this Monday.

CM Punk reportedly told Vince McMahon and other WWE officials that he was going home and not coming back, possibly due to WWE’s plans for him at WrestleMania where he was due to face Triple H. Punk is under contract with WWE until July.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk noted that he does not know what he’s going to do yet [regarding his contract] and he seemed to express a lack of enthusiasm for the gruelling schedule of WWE.

TMZ says that Punk was “livid” after learning Batista was set to win the Royal Rumble match because he feels Batista is not in great wrestling shape.

Punk tweeted this on Monday, just before he would have told WWE officials he was leaving.

After Punk notified Vince McMahon of the change, RAW re-writes began, but details are conflicting at this time. PWInsider notes that one of their sources claimed Punk was due to wrestle Antonio Cesaro and lose via interference from Kane, who Punk is currently feuding with.

With Punk gone and seemingly not coming back, WWE are now changing plans for WrestleMania and are instead said to be going with Daniel Bryan vs Triple H at WrestleMania.

As ever with professional wrestling, this could all be a big work, so keep an eye on Pro Wrestling Is Fake for updates.

Sources: ProWrestlingNetPWInsider, TMZ.

Royal Rumble: Are you backing Batista, CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?

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The Royal Rumble is this Sunday 26 January and there is a distinctly different feeling about this Rumble than there has been over the past number of years.

The reason for that different feeling is the lack of ‘star power’. John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, New Age Outlaws, Cody Rhodes and Goldust, Brock Lesnar and Big Show are all pre-occupied on the card. Evan Bourne, Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are all out with injuries (although Sheamus is heavily rumoured to return.) Chris Jericho is currently working with his band Fozzy. Kane is working as the Director of Operations. There are a lot of big matches on the Rumble card involving big stars.

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So where does this leave the Royal Rumble match? In the hands of CM Punk and Batista.

CM Punk has been given the #1 spot by Kane, which means CM Punk will most likely be in the ring and on our TV screens for around 30-45 minutes, maybe even more if he’s going to win it. CM Punk, in any other year, would be a favourite to win but because of his current storyline, I don’t see it happening. I think CM Punk dominates in the Rumble for 30+ minutes until he is eliminated by a member of The Authority to set up a match at WrestleMania with Kane or, perhaps preferably, Triple H.

Batista, meanwhile, has just returned from a four year absence and declared his wish to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista looks as toned as he has ever been and seems to have lost none of the crowd backing he once had. For me, Batista is the favourite to win the Royal Rumble this year and go on to face either Cena or Orton at WrestleMania. Now, while this would be a big match, it means another part-timer would be in another main event at WrestleMania. This is a trend that has to stop. There should be another guy fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, and his name is Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan, as of right now, is not even involved in the Royal Rumble match. He is down for a match against Bray Wyatt, leader of The Wyatt Family. The reason I have him down as a potential Royal Rumble winner is that he has been quoted saying he is trying to get Triple H to let him be involved in the Rumble. If Bryan was to enter the Rumble after facing Bray Wyatt earlier in the night, having him win would be a great show of confidence in a guy who is currently the most popular wrestler in the WWE. Bryan had a huge amount of momentum coming out of SummerSlam last year but it has since been killed off with numerous false finishes, screwjobs and a brief, mis-calculated angle with The Wyatt Family. Bryan’s momentum is now back, and in my opinion, it would be wise to have him win the Rumble and go on to WrestleMania.

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Daniel Bryan could win the Royal Rumble and face John Cena for the title at WrestleMania, which would be a huge match.

Batista could face former Evolution stable-mate Randy Orton at WrestleMania, which would be a huge match.

Finally, CM Punk could get eliminated by a member of The Authority and go on to face Triple H at WrestleMania, which is again a huge match.


CM Punk and John Cena head to Bedrock for The Flinstones movie

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WWE and Warner Bros. have announced that they are collaborating on a Flinstones animated movie to be released early 2015.

The animated movie will see the Bedrock gang – including Fred and Barney – experience the very first WWE Main Event with Vince McMagma (voiced by Vince McMahon), John Cenastone (voiced by John Cena) and CM Punkrock (voiced by CM Punk.)

The movie will be released on Blu-ray DVD, VOD and digital download in early 2015. Colour me excited.


WrestleMania 29 taking shape

**This post is dedicated to the late Paul Bearer (William Moody) who died at the age of 58 on Tuesday 5th March 2013. **

Monday’s RAW was a defining moment on the Road to WrestleMania; The Phenom, The Deadman, The Undertaker returned, signalling that he would be back and competing at WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey.

The Deadman returned at the top of the show, encased in his shroud of darkness and mystery, and told everyone within the WWE, fans and superstars alike, that he would be at WrestleMania to once again defend his undefeated streak.

The race was then on for four of WWE’s biggest stars today: CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show. A fatal-four-way was set up to decide who would face The Phenom, something that struck me as a little odd considering it doesn’t feed into an over-arching story, it’s merely a match set-up out of the blue. But who am I to complain? Taker’s back for another WrestleMania match, and we won’t be able to appreciate that for much longer considering the 47-year-old’s physical shape.

So Punk won, and we now have Undertaker vs CM Punk as another match on the card of WrestleMania 29 alongside The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE Championship and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship; not bad for the first few matches announced!


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It’s here that WrestleMania begins to take shape. With a WrestleMania mainstay like The Undertaker confirmed to be back for the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania suddenly has a beacon of power and authority back to support the two title matches already announced.


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The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE Championship is obviously a huge match. They had a fantastic match at WrestleMania 28 which saw The Rock coming out on top, but this year, things are different. The Rock holds the WWE Championship, and with him not being a permanent member of the WWE roster, I expect John Cena to leave WrestleMania as an 11-time WWE Champion.


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On the other side of the coin, the World Heavyweight Championship will be contested between Alberto Del Rio (c) and the newly-reinvigorated Jack Swagger. Swagger’s latest patriot gimmick with Zeb Colter has gone down a storm, with WWE receiving political press from the angle that sees Swagger and Colter making risque comments towards non-Americans much like the champion, Del Rio. I see Swagger walking out of WrestleMania once again the World Heavyweight Champion.

There are also a few matches that should be taking shape over the next few weeks as the Road to WrestleMania heats up. On Monday’s RAW, a Ryback vs Mark Henry match was teased with the two entering a stare down on the entrance ramp. This could be a big match between two powerhouses, and could lead to a WrestleMania moment for Ryback if he could lift Mark Henry up for Shell Shocked.

Another match that could take place is Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler. These two have had a few run-ins over the past few months, with Ziggler eliminating Jericho from the Royal Rumble after Jericho had a fantastic showing upon his return. Maybe WWE will have Ziggler beat Jericho (if the match takes place) and then cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

Finally, there should be a Tag Team Championship match somewhere down the line, as well as other matches yet to even be teased. There are still 31 days until WrestleMania, with four RAW shows and five SmackDown shows to take place in that time. Things can change, but know for certain, that things will get very, very interesting.

WrestleTalk TV debuting tonight; features Chris Jericho.

Wrestling chat show WrestleTalk TV is debuting tonight in the UK on Challenge at 11pm; straight after TNA’s Impact Wrestling broadcast.

WrestleTalk TV is hosted by Joel Ross and the Daily Star’s Patrick Lennon and features the latest wrestling news, previews and feature interviews with some of wrestling’s biggest stars.

Joel Ross told me that ‘WrestleTalk TV started out as a bit of a laugh online after doing an audio version of the show since 2004 on iTunes’. The first episode of WrestleTalk TV debuted on YouTube 11 months ago and currently (as of 26/08/12) has garnered 5,571 views.

Check out Episode 1 of WrestleTalk TV below:

Y2J himself Chris Jericho is the guest on the Challenge debut episode, while former guests include CM Punk’s buddy Colt Cabana, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, Ring Of Honor legend Nigel McGuinness and current Impact Wrestling star Douglas Williams.

Ross said: ‘we had some really decent feedback and pitched it to many European TV channels. The first channel to pick it up was Challenge in the UK as wrestling is their highest rated show.’

Speaking on the debut and the future for WrestleTalk TV, Ross told me ‘it goes out every other Sunday night and hopefully in a few months we can expand it to weekly. Also, we have plans to have special “live” shows before huge events. Myself and the company have the attitude of “let’s just see where it goes”.

‘Both WWE and TNA have been very supportive over the past few months and it’s exciting to integrate British wrestling into the show.’

As of 26/08/12, WrestleTalkTV has over 364,000 views on it’s YouTube page, which bodes well for the television debut.

Joel Ross is one half of the radio duet JK and Joel and Patrick Lennon is the Fightin’ Talk editor at The Daily Star.

The Art Of Wrestling podcast turns 100!

Colt Cabana’s hugely popular and successful Art Of Wrestling podcast today released it’s 100th edition.

Past guests include WWE superstars CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler among former WWE stars such as MVP and John Morrison, worldwide independent stars such as Eddie Edwards, PAC and Karl Anderson and in the 100th podcast, even ‘Boom Boom’ Colt Cabana himself.

That’s right, on the 100th edition of the podcast, Colt Cabana was actually the guest on his own podcast which was hosted by his best friend, loveable jerk and current WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Hosted by Punk, who claimed he was more nervous about hosting than he was at WrestleMania, the 100th edition was hugely enjoyable and focused on Colt’s effort and desire to build the podcast into what it is today as well as wacky stories and tales from the pair’s time together as best friends both within wrestling and outside wrestling.

Colt Cabana deserves to be praised for what he has done with the podcast, getting a wide variety of guests, each with their own stories to tell and each with their own outlook on the professional wrestling business that provide a fantastic listen each and every week.

Some of my personal favourite podcasts so far have been:

  • Episode 100 – w/ Colt Cabana focusing on the success of the Art Of Wrestling and the lives of both Colt and Punk.
  • Episode 85 – w/ Nigel McGuinness focusing on Nigel’s retirement and his sacrifice to the industry.
  • Episode 78 – w/PAC focusing on PAC’s issues with professional wrestling, which becomes incredibly personal and insightful.
  • Episode 2 – w/CM Punk focusing on the pair’s friendship.

These are just a few of my personal favourites, there are so many podcasts in-between that are brilliant to listen to, and with each clocking in at just over an hour, you’d be best served dedicating a night to listen to your personal wrestling favourites talk about their lives both within wrestling and outside of wrestling. Guys such as Generation Me (The Young Bucks), Carlito,Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Sami Callihan, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lyn and many many more appear on the podcast and provide great listening.

You can find all of the past podcasts here:

Visit Colt Cabana’s official site here: