WrestleTalk TV debuting tonight; features Chris Jericho.

Wrestling chat show WrestleTalk TV is debuting tonight in the UK on Challenge at 11pm; straight after TNA’s Impact Wrestling broadcast.

WrestleTalk TV is hosted by Joel Ross and the Daily Star’s Patrick Lennon and features the latest wrestling news, previews and feature interviews with some of wrestling’s biggest stars.

Joel Ross told me that ‘WrestleTalk TV started out as a bit of a laugh online after doing an audio version of the show since 2004 on iTunes’. The first episode of WrestleTalk TV debuted on YouTube 11 months ago and currently (as of 26/08/12) has garnered 5,571 views.

Check out Episode 1 of WrestleTalk TV below:

Y2J himself Chris Jericho is the guest on the Challenge debut episode, while former guests include CM Punk’s buddy Colt Cabana, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, Ring Of Honor legend Nigel McGuinness and current Impact Wrestling star Douglas Williams.

Ross said: ‘we had some really decent feedback and pitched it to many European TV channels. The first channel to pick it up was Challenge in the UK as wrestling is their highest rated show.’

Speaking on the debut and the future for WrestleTalk TV, Ross told me ‘it goes out every other Sunday night and hopefully in a few months we can expand it to weekly. Also, we have plans to have special “live” shows before huge events. Myself and the company have the attitude of “let’s just see where it goes”.

‘Both WWE and TNA have been very supportive over the past few months and it’s exciting to integrate British wrestling into the show.’

As of 26/08/12, WrestleTalkTV has over 364,000 views on it’s YouTube page, which bodes well for the television debut.

Joel Ross is one half of the radio duet JK and Joel and Patrick Lennon is the Fightin’ Talk editor at The Daily Star.

The Art Of Wrestling podcast turns 100!

Colt Cabana’s hugely popular and successful Art Of Wrestling podcast today released it’s 100th edition.

Past guests include WWE superstars CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler among former WWE stars such as MVP and John Morrison, worldwide independent stars such as Eddie Edwards, PAC and Karl Anderson and in the 100th podcast, even ‘Boom Boom’ Colt Cabana himself.

That’s right, on the 100th edition of the podcast, Colt Cabana was actually the guest on his own podcast which was hosted by his best friend, loveable jerk and current WWE Champion, CM Punk.

Hosted by Punk, who claimed he was more nervous about hosting than he was at WrestleMania, the 100th edition was hugely enjoyable and focused on Colt’s effort and desire to build the podcast into what it is today as well as wacky stories and tales from the pair’s time together as best friends both within wrestling and outside wrestling.

Colt Cabana deserves to be praised for what he has done with the podcast, getting a wide variety of guests, each with their own stories to tell and each with their own outlook on the professional wrestling business that provide a fantastic listen each and every week.

Some of my personal favourite podcasts so far have been:

  • Episode 100 – w/ Colt Cabana focusing on the success of the Art Of Wrestling and the lives of both Colt and Punk.
  • Episode 85 – w/ Nigel McGuinness focusing on Nigel’s retirement and his sacrifice to the industry.
  • Episode 78 – w/PAC focusing on PAC’s issues with professional wrestling, which becomes incredibly personal and insightful.
  • Episode 2 – w/CM Punk focusing on the pair’s friendship.

These are just a few of my personal favourites, there are so many podcasts in-between that are brilliant to listen to, and with each clocking in at just over an hour, you’d be best served dedicating a night to listen to your personal wrestling favourites talk about their lives both within wrestling and outside of wrestling. Guys such as Generation Me (The Young Bucks), Carlito,Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Sami Callihan, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lyn and many many more appear on the podcast and provide great listening.

You can find all of the past podcasts here: http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/

Visit Colt Cabana’s official site here: http://welovecolt.com/