Cody Rhodes and Goldust: how to build a storyline

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When Cody Rhodes first got fired by Triple H on RAW a number of weeks ago in a storyline angle, most people dismissed it as a rushed decision by WWE management to a problem they had known about for a while. That problem of course being Cody Rhodes’ wedding.

Cody Rhodes got fired after losing in a good match with former stable-mate Randy Orton and went away for a few weeks, leaving the spotlight to his Dad Dusty Rhodes and half-brother Goldust. Dusty Rhodes can deliver a promo and his promo work with ‘The Authority’s’ Stephanie McMahon was engaging in itself but then Goldust returned to face Orton for Cody’s job and blew all expectations out of the water. Goldust is 44 years old and he put on an incredible match with Randy Orton coming up just short of regaining Cody’s job.

While the results weren’t coming for the Rhodes’, the hype was. Goldust’s match had gone down a storm and the continued presence of Dusty had the fans engaged in a storyline building around a guy who wasn’t even on the shows. And then this happened:

Cody and Goldust’s attack on The Shield took everyone by surprise and felt real. The fans loved that a rogue pairing were attacking The Shield and actually getting to them and, already, Cody Rhodes seemed more important than he has been in a number of years.

At Battleground, the Rhodes brothers faced The Shield to win their jobs back and after some build-up tweets from Cody on Twitter hyping up his special gear for what could be his last ever match in WWE and some brilliant interviews with Cody and Goldust, the crowd at Battleground witnessed a fantastic tag team match which resulted in the Rhodes brothers winning and getting their jobs back. The finish of the match was full of emotion and celebration; the underdogs had finally conquered the all-conquering Shield and had then running with their tales between their legs. The Rhodes brothers had the upper hand and had the emotional support of the WWE fans behind them.

Finally, on Monday’s RAW, The Shield’s tag team titles were on the line against the Rhodes’. Once again another excellent match that gave hope to another tag team revival within the WWE and a match that elevated the tag team titles even more after The Shield’s long-term reign. Cody and Goldust won the tag team titles in a main event match on RAW. That’s right; the tag team titles were not only defended on RAW, but also in the main event, with two teams who mean a lot to the fans and have good builds behind them.

The payoff to this month-long storyline was Cody and Goldust leaving RAW with the tag team titles, and they did. The crowd bought in and they were finally rewarded with a guy who has been on the cusp of WWE greatness in Cody Rhodes and a guy who proved he can still hang with the best of them in Goldust. Now the tag titles are held by a team that the crowd loves and a team that have a lot of possibilities to them. Will we finally see the brother vs brother feud and WrestleMania that Goldust was clamouring for not long ago? Time will tell but one thing is for sure: Cody Rhodes finally has the build to match his talent and the sky is now the limit.