WWE taking Main Event seriously because of the WWE Network

The Undertaker on Main Event. Image credit: WWE.com

For a long time, WWE Main Event was just another hour of WWE programming, taped before the big TV shows RAW and SmackDown.

Over the last few weeks though, Main Event has taken on a new importance; and that’s because of the WWE Network.

WWE have started airing Main Event live on Tuesday nights (the day it used to be taped on), one day before it airs on Ion Television. The reason behind this change is simple; make the WWE Network the primary destination for all of WWE’s content. And with Main Event being a tertiary programme, WWE had to do something big to attract the viewers.

First there was Daniel Bryan (the most popular wrestler in the company) vs Kane and a Tag Team Title match between The Usos and The New Age Outlaws.

Then on WWE Main Event on March 11, there were two title matches: AJ Lee defended her Divas Title against Natalya and Dean Ambrose defended the United States Title against Mark Henry. Ambrose defending his title is a rarity to begin with but the fact it aired on Main Event on the WWE Network shows that WWE really want people to tune in to see it live.

WWE’s most recent attempt to boost the status of Main Event was on Tuesday night, when the legendary Undertaker appeared. Taker did nothing more than a similar promo to the one he delivered on RAW a number of weeks ago, but still, he was there.

Whether WWE continues to put the big guns on Main Event in an attempt to increase the pull of the Network remains to be seen but it is at least refreshing to see WWE put care and attention into a show that falls way behind the priorities that are RAW and SmackDown.